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Safelayer, única compañía española nominada al premio europeo TeleTrust Innovation 2007

En el marco de la Conferencia Informations Security Solutions Europe organizada por el ISSE que se celebra en Varsovia del 25 al 27 de septiembre.

Por su tecnología TrustedX , enteramente desarrollada en nuestros país y la más sólida actualmente en el ámbito de la seguridad.

Safelayer, compañía líder en seguridad PKI para firma electrónica y gestión de identidad digital, ha sido nominada al Premio Europeo Teletrust Innovation Award 2007 , por su plataforma TrustedX .

For its TrustedX technology, which has been entirely developed in Spain and is considered the strongest in the field of security.

Safelayer , a leading company in PKI security for electronic signature and digital identity management, has been nominated for the European Teletrust Innovation Award 2007 for its TrustedX platform.

The Teletrust Innovation Award is given to European companies that develop or use innovative, trustworthy information technologies, software and online services for electronic business applications for trade and administration.

Safelayer is the only Spanish company that has been chosen as finalist from a selection of nine companies, most of which are from Germany.

The award was established by Teletrust Deutschland eV, a German non-profit organisation working for the promotion of trustworthiness of information and communication technology. The awards were set up in 1999 during the Information Security Solutions Europe Conference organised by ISSE (Europe's Only Independent Security Conference) . This year the conference will be held on September 25-27 in Warsaw coinciding with the local Polish fair SECURE 2007 .

The organisation is made up of over 90 members working in the research and development areas, and it is thus one of the leading displays of cryptography and biometrics applications.

The event, which attracts over 500 security professionals working for European public administrations and organisations, congregates a wide variety of security solutions developers from across Europe. Safelayer will be present at the "Teletrust Innovation Award Candidates" stand alongside the other three finalists.

"For us, being nominated for this European prize, which is awarded to the most innovative, trustworthy and business-oriented technology products is a major success in itself and a major step towards accomplishing our internationalisation strategy," explains Adrián Moure , executive vice president at Safelayer . "The nomination also confirms that our TrustedX platform is the best product of its type currently available on the market and endorses the challenge and effort being made by our R&D team to create a product that is based on SOA and web services and is easy to use by any type of organisation".

TeleTrusT Deutschland e.V. is a non-profit organisation created in 1989 to promote security of information and communication technology. URL:

ISSE was established in 1999 as an initiative of the Information Society Directorate-General of the European Commission. This year the event will coincide with SECURE 2007. URL:

About Safelayer

Safelayer Secure Communications S.A . is a Spanish company that was founded in May 1999 and is devoted to manufacturing security software solutions for managing digital identity, electronic signature and data protection. The company has developed all of its technology in Spain and is currently Spanish market leader in security. Today, Safelayer technology sustains the three major certification and digital identification projects in Spain: the Spanish Royal Mint, or FNMT, the Digital ID (DNI Electrónico) and the Digital Passport. Similarly, Safelayer technology ensures the NATO e-mail system.

Safelayer technology, based on open standards, is characterised by its strength, simplicity and flexibility and it is endorsed by the Common Criteria EAL2 and EAL4+ maximum quality certifications.


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