Senior Frontend Developer

Safelayer handles PKI, security and authentication for business and goverments around the globe.

We are looking for a senior Frontend Developer for our Cloud Development Division based in Barcelona, Spain. The Cloud Development Division is responsible for deploying security services (for signature, TLS handling, PKI stamping services) on the cloud in Continuous Delivery.

You will work in a team that develops the whole architecture of services based on:

  • Asynchronous Web Services (Go (golang) based)
  • Serverfull deployments (Docker and AWS based) and Serverless deployments (Serverless, AWS Lambda)
  • Microservices architecture 
  • NoSQL databases (AWS DynamoDB)
  • Cryptographic Hardware protection
  • GitHub based configuration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Embedded agents
  • SaaS Freemium services development
  • and...

...slick web frontend, Reactjs and Redux based.

You will integrate in our offices at the Barcelona World Trade Center, in a enjoyable environment, in a team of enthusiastic and experienced programmers in charge of redefining Safelayer new applications.

We need Software Engineers fluent in JavaScript (ES6), Reactjs, Redux, but we are open to new technologies (GraphQL, Relayjs...). We would like to learn from your expertise as well! 

And of course, we're looking for a UI designer that dares to design, and that likes to improve the user-experience of end users, embraces continuous change, continuous improvement, through Agile Development, Continuous Delivery, 12factors, Quality first, Security first.

We will appreciate your knowledge on these areas as well:

  • Go backend developent. Our backend is developed 100% Go language (golang to be search engine friendly)
  • English. Our software is english language localized first.
  • Node.js. We do no use node.js at the backend, but we have used it in the past. Knowing Node.js (if you do not know Go) gives you almost Go programmer status for your new teammates (almost!)
  • PKI, cryptography... well at least how does HTTPS protects you when you access your bank.
  • Mobile frontend knowledge. We won't need now, but we will need in the future.
  • AWS services and understand the challenges of deploying large services in the cloud.

What we need from you:

  • Design habilities
  • User-eXperience minded
  • Test-Driven-Development minded
  • JavaScript ES6
  • Reactjs
  • Redux
  • Git wizardry
  • ...everything web, everything cloud
  • and as a Senior UI programmer you will have the oportunity to to evangelize, guide and teach more junior teammates on Frontend technologies.

What we offer:

  • Cloud Development career
  • A Development friendly ecosystem
  • Be part of an almost 20 year Security Development Vendor
  • You could see the Mediterranian sea from the office window (should a cruise don't forbid it)
  • You will be part of the developers that created new Safelayer's architecture
  • Flextime. Half-day Fridays
  • Metro, Bus and Bicycle friendly environment
  • Free coffee and mineral water
  • Kitchen and playroom next to your work table
  • Gym downstairs
  • Ticket Restaurant, Ticket kindergarden
  • 100% Linux environment

If you're interested in joining us, send us your curriculum vitae.

By post:

Safelayer Secure Communications.-
Departamento RR.HH.
World Trade Center (Edif. Sud- 4ª Planta) 
Moll de Barcelona s/n 
08039 Barcelona

By email:

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