Transferring business processes from the paper to the electronic format is a need not only of the company but also of the clients, suppliers and government institutions with which the organization interacts in the course of its operations.

Safelayer provides technology for strong authentication, electronic signature and data protection management solutions:

  • The authentication process is an essential part of the business processes. It guarantees the identity of the other party, and its strength directly contributes to reduction of losses due to fraud.
  • Electronic signatures are considered a replacement for hand-written signatures. To this end, e-Signature regulations found around the world, including in Europe and Latin America, provides its legal validity.

Authentication Management

Conventional authentication mechanisms based on passwords are vulnerable to multiple phishing or pharming attacks that can result in identity theft. Therefore, adopting strategies that can support stronger authentication mechanisms is a critical competitive need.

By combining different factors Safelayer's Authentication Solution allows implementing adaptive authentication mechanisms with high Level of Assurance (LoA). Safelayer Adaptive Authentication is designed to provide:

  • Improved authentication security for Web and Cloud applications
  • Specific mechanisms both for Desktop and Mobile environments
  • Cost-effectiveness, by facilitating convenient authentication mechanisms

Electronic Signature Management

As the electronic signature is equivalent to the hand-written one, paper becomes unnecessary. Safelayer's products also features electronic signature management facilities designed to:

  • Business process efficiency: Facilitates rapid integration workflow automation environments, including the user desktop and Web applications.
  • Fraud reduction: By using electronic signatures, any accidental or intentional change made to data in storage or being transmitted via telematic networks can be detected.
  • Compliance enabling: EU Directive on Electronic Signatures (Directive 1999/93/EC) and the one covering Electronic Invoicing (Directive 2001/115 of 12/20/2001) and local regulations.

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