The social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies are relentlessly bringing about the digital economy and are having a big impact in all sectors, including banking and finance.

The millions of users in the social networks and the Internet service providers make them the biggest identity providers to have ever existed and also the main point of attraction for developers. Without a doubt, mobile technology has taken the Internet to the great majority of the world’s population and is today the preferred way by users for accessing the infinity of services on the Web.

The expansion of cloud technologies has allowed companies to achieve an elastic growth for their services in line with the high volumes of consumers and has met the need to guarantee service continuity and quality, especially in mobility environments. This is the current technological scenario. The next step is to structure and exploit the information generated in the millions of operations that take place every minute, which will make the analytics and data intelligence a truly new source of value.

Mobile convenience

Online banking services must be supported by high levels of security and trust, but what will determine the differentiation of entities and the potential to develop the loyalty of clients and third-party service providers will be an entity’s capacity to offer a favorable user experience when accessing the services and sharing identity information. Here mobile devices are crucial as users are using them increasingly to access the Web and consume digital services and content.

Today, the mobile is the epitome of user convenience. It is always close at hand, everywhere and at all times, and offers the user a freedom to act that no other piece of technology can match. This means that any identity solution must be adapted to the user experience offered by mobile devices, obviously, as an added fundamental to the security and trust factors.

Thus, a secure electronic identifier in the form of an app that represents the identity of the user in their mobile, "an eID in the mobile", is, by definition, a premise of convenience and, very probably, already an urgent necessity.

From an identity services point of view, this approach is convenient but also very secure as it uses PKI technology that guarantees the strong authentication of the user and the integrity, confidentiality and non-repudiation of the exchanged data thanks to the electronic signature. Additionally, owing to backend-services-controlled single sign-on (SSO) and federation functionality, the user experience can be made even better. For instance, users can access basic bank services via methods that are practically imperceptible for them (e.g., a social network identity) and be required to use a strong method (e.g., eID in the mobile based on PKI) when they want to perform more sensitive operations.

Safelayer’s eIDAS Platform and Mobile ID

Safelayer's eIDAS Platform, for identification, authentication and electronic signature, along with its strong identification for mobility solution, Safelayer Mobile ID, is the technological response to the new security challenges faced by organizations.

Safelayer's solution optimally balances security and convenience like never before. PKI security is integrated with the convenience of intelligent mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) in an app, which, combined and orchestrated by the platform's backend services, provides greater security and an incomparable user experience. PKI technology has always been considered the safest security option but also the one offering the worst user experience. However, from now on, with smart devices and Safelayer Mobile ID, that has all changed.

Safelayer Mobile ID solves a wide range of use cases: strong authentication in Web portals (e.g., online banking), document signing (e.g., contracts), operation authorization (e.g., banking transactions) and the elevation of trust in the identity before sensitive operations are performed (when users have chosen to identify with a weaker identity, such as a social network).


Banking authentication and order confirmation with Safelayer Mobile ID

Based on Safelayer's long experience in implementing trust services that meet EU legislation, the eIDAS Platform has integrated, right from the design stage, all the requirements for deploying and operating a service that complies with all current and incoming regulations. Thus, not only does it provide regulatory peace of mind to the organizations and entities that deploy and operate it but also very important guarantees of security, good practices and trust, especially regarding user, consumer and citizen identity services.

You can download Safelayer Mobile ID for iOS and Android and try them out at

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