TrustedX Electronic Signature is a web services platform for managing digital signature processes. Its features include:

  • Support for advanced electronic signature formats and standars
  • Easy integration into applications via Web services and watched folders
  • Trust level management of multiples CAs public and corporate
  • Optional non-repudiation services that, extend the electronic signature's validity over time
  • Broad support of integration mechanisms: REST/WS, SOAP/WS, Java APIs and Watched Folders
  • Designed to manage large volumes of users, certificates and signatures
  • Greater security and control through a centralized auditing and reporting system



  • Advanced e-signature integration
    TrustedX acts as a centralized repository, which means the applications can remotely use the keys and certificates stored by TrustedX without having to store them locally. This approach provides greater, audited control over the use of keys and simplifies deploying, maintaining and using the PKI through centralized management. The authentication and access control provides a range of mechanisms and trust levels, and the system can be easily integrated with other repositories for managing identities.
  • Semantic interpretation of electronic signatures
    TrustedX is the most complete digital signature platform of its kind. Multiple CAs can be managed, all electronic signature formats are supported and all complexity related to managing trust is removed from the applications. The incorporated semantic services support obtaining all signer/signature data along with a trust level indicated using discrete values (4 levels) and labels (i.e., government, corporate, finance, etc.).
  • Cost saving and flexible integration
    The product can be quickly deployed thanks to its standardization and multiple integration options. It can be used (i) in user applications through plug-ins, (ii) as a Web service and (iii) via watched folders. The product incorporates an integration gateway that uses pipelines for the straightforward integration of data and common-task processing.
  • Centralized management, auditing and non-repudiation
    TrustedX provides the centralized management of all digital signature policies, the preservation of electronic signatures, and logging and auditing functionality. This allows control at the corporate level over the use of the cryptography, the effective management of recognized CAs/VAs, and the transparent maintenance of electronic signatures when required owing to the expiration of certificates or renewal of cryptographic material.


Signature Services: TrustedX incorporates functions that provide a set of security and trust mechanisms as services. These services can be used in different formats as they support different integration strategies:

  • Java or .NET APIs: Allows easily integrating electronic signature services in native Java applications and .NET (**).
  • SOAP/WS: Using the OASIS DSS standard as an access protocol for Web services.
  • REST/WS, SOAP/WS: Using TrustedX's integration gateway, which supports configuring traffic and data processing with an XML pipeline language.

The platform includes a Java Applet for signature integration scenarios with user cards in Web environments.

Integration with other components: TrustedX can incorporate external repositories and mechanisms to support integration with other corporate tools.

  • LDAP/AD, RADIUS and databases for authentication, authorization and information retrieval.
  • Databases and SIEM tools for centralized logging.
  • HSMs for protecting private keys.
  • OCSP/CRL and customized mechanisms for certificate validation.

The following service can also be added:

Watched folders:

  • Module that allows users and applications to use network folders to start unattended signature processes of one or more files.
  • TrustedX monitors the contents of a network folder, executing a series of actions on the files that are stored in this.
  • Once processed, TrustedX stored firms in an output folder, also accessible by network, including a report of the results.
  • TrustedX is known for supporting multiple watched folders and allow the definition of chained actions.
  • Appropriate for both users and applications. Signing entails simply copying and pasting to a folder.

Electronic Signature Custody:  Preserves the non-repudiability of the electronic signatures, by transparently interacting with the non-repudiation service and managing signature and e-document metadata.

(**) Please, check for availability.


The following figure illustrates the possible TrustedX architectures. The TrustedX functions can be used as a (i) trusted Web service, (ii) a trusted gateway between applications (iii) or a combination of (i) and (ii) (not shown in the figure).



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