While authentication methods based on conventional passwords are still the most widely used, they offer a low level of security and are vulnerable to multiple attacks used for identity theft.

Online fraud scams are getting much more sophisticated in impersonating legitimate businesses in order to get the victim's information.

Security strategies based on the analysis of context information and behavioral biometrics enhance the security provided by passwords. Adaptive Authentication entails combining authentication methods to provide the ideal compromise between security, costs and ease of use in each scenario.

Biometric parameters can be analyzed, including:

  • Recognition of user devices to detect when the connection is not made from a usual device.
  • Behavior biometrics to detect when the user is not the owner of the password submitted.
  • Use context to detect changes in system configuration, incoherent changes of IP address or time range changes.

TrustedX Authentication Platform can be easily integrated into corporate Web applications for employees, partners and suppliers. It is SaaS scalable, for which it provides single sign-on (SSO), and it provides controlled access to external applications, such as Salesforce and Google Apps, from anywhere.

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