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Safelayer maintains its growth forecast for this year

Continuing its international expansion in several European, Latin American and North African countries.
To strengthen this internationalisation process, the company has created the "Virtual Safelayer Centre”, becoming the first company in the electronic signature security (PKI) sector to address a global business strategy online and provide the public with a complete web solution.

Safelayer Secure Communications, a Spanish company leader in PKI technology for digital identification, electronic signatures and data encryption maintains its turnover forecast for 2008. The company also continues its international expansion process by signing agreements in several countries with leading information technology integrators.

According to Adrian Moure, Vice President of Alliances, Marketing and Sales, "It is true that we have noticed a small fall in the amount per operation, but we have maintained last year’s average margin and increased the number of operations performed. Therefore, although concerned about the negative development that may occur in this market as a result of the crisis in other markets, we continue to maintain the expected budget growth for 2008, which represents an increase of over 28% in turnover compared to 2007, which was €3.9 M.

With regard to national contracts and projects, the company has signed several agreements in recent months with major financial institutions such as Caja España and Barclays.

Safelayer is also working on several joint research projects such as the CENIT Segur@ Project, alongside twelve other companies, 15 universities and research centres, which will last until 2010, and SAT2 – Semantic & Ambient Trust Technologies, subsidised by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

International projects include those in Brazil for the State Bank of Rio Grande do Sul – Banrisul, as well as the Uruguayan National Postal Administration. In fact, Safelayer is the dominant technology in Uruguay, with 75% of electronic signature projects installed.

As part of the internationalisation process, over the past year the company has expanded its network of partners and value added integrators by 80% as an essential means to penetrate foreign markets.

"Establishing a strong network of integrators and training them is the essential first step to position ourselves as a global company dedicated to electronic signature, digital identity and data protection, and to achieve an international leadership position like the one we have in Spain," explains Adrian Moure.

Thus, our European partners and distributors include EADS Defence and Security Systems and GFI France in France; Capgemini Italia, GFI Italy and Innovery in Italy; Semarket International in Luxembourg; and GFI Portugal, Partner Solutions (Soluções de Tecnologia de Informação) and Prológica (Sistemas Informáticos) in Portugal.

With regard to Latin America, “we have signed distribution agreements in Argentina with Atos Origin, Bull Argentina and Indra Sistemas; in Brazil, with Atos Origin, Bull Brazil and Digital Assets; in Chile with Indra Sistemas and Semarket Chile; in Colombia with the Sociedad Cameral de Certificación Digital (Certicámara), and in Uruguay with Indra Sistemas, ISA and Semarket Uruguay. In North Africa, we are working in Morocco and Tunisia with Open.Net Communications,” concludes Moure.

Safelayer Virtual Centre

To reinforce this internationalisation process, Safelayer has launched a new corporate site, which goes beyond the usual website concept, and with which the company becomes the first in the electronic signature security (PKI) sector that addresses a global business strategy using the web environment.

As explained by Adrian Moure, "we have used the tools offered by the Internet and new models of online participatory communication to create what we call the Safelayer Virtual Centre. The Virtual Centre will allow us to support and strengthen the internationalisation process, providing comprehensive support and greater training capacity to our network of partners, making Safelayer a 'Global Technology' company offering the possibility of global access to its know-how via the Internet”.

Thus, the new website gives full access to products and tools such as TrustedX in full—rather than demo—version.

"This makes us the first electronic signature company that offers the general public a comprehensive online solution, one in which the company has invested €300,000," explains Moure.

To this end, the company has developed an e-Lab that can be accessed from the new corporate website or directly from, and which will feature the complete product so that it can be downloaded.

"In addition, the e-Lab will provide the community with downloadable open source tools for routine use, such as OpenSignX, a programme that allows users to generate signatures, as well as toolkits at no cost to encourage development and use of electronic signatures and related technologies, as a development tool for verifying long-term signatures," explains Jordi Buch, Head of Product at Safelayer.

This e-Lab will also invite users to remotely test and use Safelayer products and their functionalities and post suggestions or comments on the site’s forum.

The aim of this new virtual centre is to subject Safelayer to a comprehensive internal and external assessment and evaluation, in order to define a plan of action for the company to maintain its national leadership and promote its international penetration in strategic countries.

"We will use the possibilities of interactivity offered by these new tools to give the floor—without restrictions—to the community interested in electronic signatures, security platforms, and monitoring the philosophical development of our RDI and our commitment to quality, through the certificates and awards we have received,” says Adrian Moure.


Safelayer Secure Communications S.A. is a Spanish company established in May 1999, devoted to manufacturing security software solutions for managing digital identity, electronic signature and data protection. The company has developed all of its technology in Spain and is currently Spanish market leader in security. Today, Safelayer technology sustains the three highest certification and digital identification projects in the country: the Spanish Royal Mint or FNMT, DNI-e (e-ID) and Digital Passport.

Similarly, Safelayer technology guarantees the NATO e-mail system. Its technology, based on open standards, is characterised by its strength, simplicity and flexibility and it is endorsed by the Common Criteria EAL2 and EAL4+ maximum quality certifications.


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