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New Version of the Safelayer TrustedX Platform

With the new version of TrustedX 2.3, all kinds of companies can have the highest level of PKI security using a much lighter solution that is cheaper, has high operational efficiency, and can be adapted to changes.

The new platform provides electronic signature, data protection and digital identification in web environments regardless of their technology platforms.

Safelayer Secure Communications, a Spanish company leader in PKI security solutions, digital identity management, electronic signatures and data protection, has announced the new version of its TrustedX 2.3 platform.

The platform, developed by Safelayer and based on SOA and web services, is designed with the goal of simplifying the use of PKI security services for electronic signatures, data protection and, ultimately, any type of digital identity management.

In addition to the functions for protecting electronic documents and web messaging, TrustedX 2.3 incorporates new XML data orchestration features, allowing the entire security-related business logic to be delegated to TrustedX.

In addition, the new platform incorporates an XML gateway that provides the capacity to define data processing rules and new integration architectures, aimed at avoiding business process changes.

With this new version of TrustedX, Safelayer responds to the growing demand for REST (Representational State Transfer) style web services, improving the usability and flexibility offered by the platform. The new integration possibility joins the SOAP protocol support and the OASIS standard for electronic signature services already offered by earlier versions.

“PKI technology is one of the mainstays for improving competitiveness and opening up new forms of electronic relations,” explains Francisco Jordán, Executive Vice President of Technology at Safelayer, “and we are currently witnessing a steady increase in the number of existing risks because our daily communications over networks are not fully secure.  The new version of TrustedX combines PKI security mechanisms with a unique information orchestration capacity, making the use and management of security transparent to business processes," concludes Jordán

TrustedX clients include the Central Bank of Spain, Bankinter, BBVA, CESCE, the Spanish Congress of Deputies, the National Statistical Institute (INE), the Ministry of Agriculture, SESCAM (Castilla-La Mancha Health Service), Unión Fenosa and UOC (Open University of Catalonia).

Moreover, Safelayer’s TrustedX has been given the European TeleTrusT Innovation Award 2007, which is granted by the European organization to the most innovative and interoperable e-business security applications. It was chosen for its problem-solving potential, interoperability, international relevance and European scope.   Safelayer’s TrustedX technology has also been present in the international interoperability project Long-Term Storage Plug Test, organized by the Next Generation Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan (ECOM) in cooperation with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). Both aim to test the consistency of electronic signature standards and interoperability among different products and tools that are currently available on the market.

TrustedX 2.3

The TrustedX platform offers a comprehensive range of security services with the following features:

  • Electronic signature, supporting different formats such as file signatures, e-mail, XML documents and PDF documents.
  • Data protection in different formats (files, e-mails or XML documents).
  • Non-repudiation, including the generation of electronic evidence and digital time-stamp support.
  • Authentication and unique access control in web environments.
  • Uniform and centralized management of information and its auditing.
About Safelayer

Safelayer Secure Communications S.A. is a Spanish company established in May 1999, devoted to manufacturing security software solutions for managing digital identity, electronic signature and data protection. The company has developed all of its technology in Spain and is currently Spanish market leader in security. Today, Safelayer technology sustains the three highest certification and digital identification projects in the country: the Spanish Royal Mint or FNMT, DNI-e (e-ID) and Digital Passport.

Similarly, Safelayer technology guarantees the NATO e-mail system. Its technology, based on open standards, is characterised by its strength, simplicity and flexibility and it is endorsed by the Common Criteria EAL2 and EAL4+ maximum quality certifications.


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