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Safelayer chosen to provide the PKI infrastructure that will support the Spanish electronic Id Card

The most important digital identity project ever to be undertaken 

Safelayer Secure Communications, a Spanish company devoted to developing PKI security software, managing digital identity and data protection, has been chosen to supply the technology that will support the new electronic DNI.

More specifically, Safelayer is going to provide the PKI that will sustain the future Spanish ID Card throughout Spain in addition to its Validation Authority (VA) technology. The project will be based on the Safelayer KeyOne family, the technology used by the Spanish firm to create the entire PKI infrastructure.

Safelayer will also supply the validation authority (VA) technology responsible for determining the digital certificate´s status in real time. The VA, the true heart in the certification infrastructure of the new e-DNI, will support 1,000 validation requests per second. In addition to supplying the software, the Spanish company will provide professional services giving technological support to the integrator in order to guarantee the product´s adaptation to the requirements of the project. Safelayer´s technology has been developed exclusively in Spain. The awarding of this project has anchored its leadership in the Spanish public sector as the most outstanding technology in the field of security and digital identity. Safelayer began operations in 1999 and currently leads the Spanish PKI market with 80% of the projects based on this technology that are implemented in Spain. Moreover, the company is leader in the technology's RDI, being the only one whose products have been granted the EAL2+ Common Criteria endorsement certificate awarded by the CCN (Centro Criptográfico Nacional, or National Cryptographic Centre). It has also been certified by the Spanish Ministry of Defence for the treatment of Confidential Information, and received the ISO9OO1/ 2000 Certification both for the Development of Security Software and for the provision of Professional Services. In addition, it will soon receive the highest software security endorsement, the Common Criteria EAL 4+ Certification, which will make it the only company in the world with this certification for a complete PKI product family. In 2004, Safelayer established another landmark in the history of Spanish technology becoming the first company to introduce PKI functionality into a NATO electronic messaging system. Safelayer´s KeyOne technology was selected to authenticate the organisation's e-mail.

60 million users will use KeyOne technology in Spain

The PKI developed by Safelayer will support up to 60 million users, each holding at least two digital certificates. These 60 million users take into account the 33 million who will hold the new electronic DNI as well as the natural increase estimated for the next fifteen years, which according to Interior Ministry estimates will be one million new users per year.  

Unique performance and features

The reason Safelayer technology has been chosen for this project is that its exceptional features and performance fully meet the requirements of the Interior Ministry.  Safelayer has worked alongside the Interior Ministry applying the technology to the electronic ID project since its initial stages over three years ago, taking part in the various pilot programmes carried out so far, and in other projects such as the electronic voting system for the European Constitution Referendum and last year´s general elections.

It is worth underlining that the Spanish Royal Mint or FNMT uses this technology for the over one million users that currently file their income tax returns online.

To summarise, KeyOne by Safelayer is a technology that is easy for administrators to use, oriented to the end user and can be easily customised. Similarly, its module-based design makes it very easy to maintain and scalable as new process units are added, offering a very high performance.

According to Adrián Moure, vice president of Safelayer, "without a doubt this project makes us feel very proud, and in many ways it is a reward for the diligent effort put into RDI since the company was created. But aside from that, --adds Moure,-- I believe it should also be a reason for pride within the Spanish technology industry that the most important electronic identity project should rely on technology entirely developed in this country that will compete with other international technologies. This is undoubtedly a previously inconceivable landmark".

The Electronic ID Card will provide citizens with an identification mechanism similar to the one used until now but it will be extrapolated to the new technological environments towards which the society is evolving. The new ID Card will electronically guarantee the citizen´s identity, even remotely, by means of an authentication digital certificate and allow the electronic signature of documents using a non-repudiation digital certificate. According to Adrián Moure, "the electronic ID will bring about a spectacular boost in the development of information technology in our country and encourage its expansion and generalised use among the population whilst guaranteeing the privacy and fundamental rights of each and every one of the individuals who use it."


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