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Nine leading Spanish companies and organisations adopt Safelayer TrustedX Security Technology

The Central Bank of Spain, BBVA, CESCE, Spanish Congress of Deputies, National Statistical Institute (INE), Ministry of Agriculture, SESCAM (Castilla-La Mancha Health Service), Unión Fenosa and UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Based on the ETI model, the technology provides simple, accessible state-of-the-art security via the Internet.

The Safelayer TrustedX security platform has been chosen by nine leading Spanish companies and organisations.

The Central Bank of Spain, BBVA, CESCE, Spanish Congress of Deputies, National Statistical Institute (INE), Ministry of Agriculture, SESCAM (Castilla-La Mancha Health Service), Unión Fenosa and UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) have opted for this technology developed in Spain.

One of the most consistent arguments for selecting the TrustedX product has been that the solution is based on the ETI (Enterprise Trust Integration) model, which contemplates a specialised service that interprets and guarantees the reliability of corporate information.

Designed with a view to simplifying the use of PKI security services, electronic signature, data protection and, in short, any type of digital identity management, it is based on the security kernel of Safelayer’s KeyOne technology, which has been awarded the highest quality certifications for PKI Security in the world.

TrustedX has been devised to enter the kernel of corporate information systems in a fast, simple and non-traumatic manner, it is interoperable with third-party products, and its scalability and modularity accepts different deployment architectures and guarantees the system’s growth according to future requirements since it enables additional services to be incorporated as new needs arise.

“We are highly satisfied with our clients’ response to the expectations we had in our TrustedX platform. The platform has all the advantages of a PKI solution, together with the benefits provided by the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) paradigm, from which TrustedX arises”, explains Adrián Moure, Executive Vice President at Safelayer.

“The system enables applications to use security services via Web protocols, thus preventing them from having to be modified in order to embed an excessively complex logic,” adds Moure. “Moreover, this type of design guarantees the solution’s evolution and protects the investment, since the platform’s set of services can be started up immediately or progressively, or they can be improved without the need to modify the applications”.


The TrustedX platform offers a complete range of security services with the following functionalities:

  • Electronic signature and data encipherment, supporting the protection formats for electronic documents, e-mail and Web security.
  • Non-repudiation, including the generation of electronic evidence and digital time-stamp support.
  • Authentication and unique access control in web environments.
  • Uniform and centralised management of information and its auditing.

TrustedX integrates the most advanced security standards and protocols defined by the ITU-T, IETF, ETSI and OASIS international forums and adopted by the industry, thus providing a set of unique functionalities and interoperability with every product on the market that uses these standards.

About Safelayer

Safelayer Secure Communications S.A. is a Spanish company that was founded in May 1999 and is devoted to manufacturing security software solutions for managing digital identity, electronic signature and data protection. The company has developed all of its technology in Spain and is currently Spanish market leader in security. Today, Safelayer technology sustains the three major certification and digital identification projects in Spain: the Spanish Royal Mint, or FNMT, the Digital ID (DNI Electrónico) and the Digital Passport. Similarly, Safelayer technology ensures the NATO e-mail system.

Safelayer technology, based on open standards, is characterised by its strength, simplicity and flexibility and it is endorsed by the Common Criteria EAL2 and EAL4+ maximum quality certifications.


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