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EXPANSION - Data Protection has a Spanish label

In only seven years, it has become the European Leader in its field. Exclusively Spanish-financed, Safelayer offers its services to clients such as NATO, which trusted on this 50-employee SME to develop its Data Protection Security Products.

They represent the Spanish bet on a risk culture from a company. <strong>Safelayer</strong>, the European Technologic leader Data Security, is investing over 50% of its profits on I+D+i.

As stated by Mr. Adrián Moure, executive Vice President in the company, "the philosophy of the initially successful enterprises that are content with their first success, is not right for us. We believe that we must give what Society has given to us back to it and keep investing on Research. That is why every product we offer has been developed by ourselves. We would have no name if we didn't keep researching for the clients to grow along with us".

Among them, there is the National Centre Intelligence (also known as CNI) and most Ministries (including Ministry of Interior, with the Electronic Voting) and Autonomous Communities. Abroad, Safelayer offers its services to others including the French Foreign Ministry, several Portuguese Ministries and MERCOSUR. But its main client on an international basis is NATO, to which it provides Security Products for its e-mail System. "Given the worldly high competitiveness in this field, it meant a big success for us to get NATO's trust on our products", explains Mr. Moure.

Safelayer started off on May 23, 1999, under the guidance of Mr. Francisco Jordán and Mr. Adrián Moure, and currently, with a 50-employee staff, it is the only European company developing every product with a Certificate in Security, Data Protection and Identity Management and Authentication. With an exclusively Spanish capital, the corporation supports 70% of all the PKI and Electronic Signature projects in Spain, among them two of the most emblematic ones: the Electronic ID Card and the National Coin and Stamp Factory (issuing over one million certificates, "which requires a proper technology").

Mr. Moure explains that "we sell through Integrators because we need a high level of sophistication and quality. Therefore, whenever we go abroad, our main issue is to get someone there who knows our products and how to implement them".


New Technology issues


The possibility of a mistake is fatal in the Technology Field. "It is unthinkable that, for instance, when showing your ID Card or passport, you are told to have been mistaken by someone else. That would cause chaos. That is why we make essays with huge amounts of Data Base, in order to check out any potential problem with the System. It is like saying: 'I am going to park one car on this street. All right, the street will support it. But what if I park one million cars there? Maybe then it will not'. The same thing happens with the Technologic Systems".

Mr. Moure talks about the main issues he has met since Safelayer was started. "A concept of enterprise should prevail over the opportunity moment. But that can be very complicated, sometimes. It is funny what is going on in Spain, for instance: it is one of the most underdeveloped countries in e-Administration and, however, here is where the Electronic Card has been first developed... We need more top Technologic Companies, but the Government does not help to develop them. We must not evolve into infrastructures, but into the products that simplify the Technologic Applications, their use and their availability for as many people as possible".

The biggest barrier to the whole implementation of the new technologies is, upon Mr. Moure, the lack of mentality to think of it. "Society must be given facilities by Administration. Training and Education are necessary. There should be applications at the Town Halls... The Tributary Agency has done a great work, but it does not get enough repercussion. Maybe it needs coordination between the various sectors with a certain responsibility in this field: Universities, Corporations and Administration".


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