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Safelayer's KeyOne Technology evolves to meet the requirements of SOA platforms

The TrustedX platform enables organizations of any size to use PKI services in a simple and rapid way.

With this solution, any company can incorporate into its business processes the trust and security services provided by PKI technology simply and at a low cost. Companies can thus use electronic signature, data protection and electronic identification in web environments regardless of their technological platforms.

Safelayer Secure Communications, a Spanish company leader in PKI security solutions of digital identity and electronic signature, has presented its TrustedX platform. The platform, developed by Safelayer and based on SOA architecture and web services, has been designed with a view to simplifying the use of PKI security services for electronic signature, data protection and, ultimately, any type of digital identity management, which are the basis for improving the efficiency of corporate processes, dispensing with paper and offering a better service to users and citizens.

Based on the security kernel of Safelayer's KeyOne technology, awarded the highest quality certifications for PKI Security, TrustedX has been designed following the Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) paradigm, strictly complying with every security standard, in heterogeneous multi-platform environments and interoperable with third-party products. Its scalability and modularity accepts different deployment architectures and guarantees the system's growth according to future requirements since it enables additional services to be incorporated as new needs arise.

"The TrustedX platform simplifies the use of PKI services due to its clear orientation towards business processes. The goal is for applications to consume specialized services that are centrally managed by the corporation itself without the need for low-level PKI tools embedded in the applications," explains Jordi Buch, Product Manager at Safelayer, "this means that companies of any size can have security but using much lighter solutions that are more economical, highly operationally efficient and adaptable to change."

"The Service-Oriented Architecture or SOA paradigm, on which TrustedX is based, enables applications to work as a service that is accessible over the Internet and can integrate into the client's own systems or other services under demand using the open standards of Web Services," explains Adrián Moure, executive vice president of Safelayer, "furthermore, this type of design guarantees the solution's evolution and investment protection, since the platform's range of services can be started up immediately or progressively, and services can be improved without the need to modify applications."

"With interfaces based on information integration web standards, and its real implementation in application servers with J2EE technology, TrustedX has been devised to enter the kernel of current and future corporate information systems in a rapid, simple, non-traumatic manner, easily and naturally providing these systems with unified, centralized trust management. Security policies can thus be implemented with different trust levels according to requirements, turning the TrustedX platform into the organization's internal provider of trusted services," concludes Jordi Buch.


The TrustedX platform offers a complete range of security services with the following functionalities:


  • Electronic signature, supporting different formats such as file signature, e-mail, XML document and PDF document.
  • Data protection in different formats (files, e-mails and XML documents).
  • Non-repudiation, including the generation of electronic evidences and digital time-stamp support.
  • Authentication and unique access control in web environments.
  • Uniform and centralized management of information and its auditing.

The entire TrustedX platform has been developed at the company's R&D laboratory located in Barcelona under the direction of Francisco Jordán, executive vice president of technology at the company. The Spanish company invests over 40% of its annual income in RDI. TrustedX integrates Safelayer's KeyOne as underlying PKI technology, offering all standards and protocols of security and web services (WSDL, SOAP, XML/XSD and those of security by OASIS DSS, XAdES, PKCS#7/CMS, S/MIME, PDF, WSS, SAML, SSL, TLS) encapsulated under web services, thus providing interoperability with every product on the market that uses these standards, regardless of the technology used (C++, Java, J2EE, .NET, etc.).


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