Multi-factor authentication, PKI and electronic signatures

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Safelayer to showcase its cybersecurity technology at Smart City Expo World Congress 2018

Safelayer, a leading provider of security software, today announced it will be exhibiting at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2018. The event is focused on cities and is dedicated to promoting awareness, understanding ...


Monday, 12 November 2018

Roadmap for the Data Gold Rush: Maintaining Qualitative Data in the IoT Environment

We have come a long way since the GPS watch. Now cities like Barcelona use sensors to monitor everything from noise pollution to waste management. We are on the brink of smart cities, smart clothing, smart farming, house ...


Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Knock, Knock; Who’s There? – IoT Device Identification & Data Integrity Is No Joke

 Guest blogger: Juan C. Asenjo | Thales eSecurity Global Partner Marketing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is very crowded. Connected devices outnumber people. The United Nations estimates the ...


Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Quality and interoperability

  • eal4plus
  • eal4
  • iso9001
  • une166002
  • etsiplugtest

Safelayer develops solutions whose security excellence is evaluated by independent bodies.
All Safelayer products obtain, among others, CC certification, the most representative of the sector.